Lunch in Kettering?

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The new high speed direct rail link from Kettering to Paris enables us to 'breakfast in Kettering and lunch in Paris'.

But what about Parisians coming the other way?

Which are the top 5 must-see places in Kettering for visitors from France?

And what should they have for lunch?

Serious or funny, explain your choices in the comments section below.

This page was added by Chris Leuchars on 29/02/2008.
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If I can extend the question to in and around Kettering, I would vote for:
Manor House Museum and Alfred East Art Gallery
Triangular Lodge
Wicksteed Park
Boughton House
Kirby Hall

By Clare Wood
On 02/05/2008

There aren`t any yellow trains now.

By Karen Grove
On 02/05/2008

Well, what can I say about the delight of Kettering food, well to start with they could hop of the train and nip into the nearest newsagents for a chocolate bar. Then there is a rather good cake shop opposite the library - does very good carrott cake. The Royal Hotel is ok (but they served cold gravy at a function that I went to). However, the staff are lovely, even in their very bad black uniforms. MacDonalds are ok - if you like something cheap. Likewise would recommend a very nice sandwich shop, super staff, can't think what it is called but do excellent corn beef sandwiches and lovely cherry muffins. Oh and the food at the bowling alley is ok - and then you can go on the arcade machines afterwards for some fun.

By Jon-Paul Carr
On 02/05/2008

Boughton House - the "English Versailles" - must be on the list for any French visitor.

By Ken Campbell
On 02/05/2008

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