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By Madeline Boreham

Keystone is an old Youth Club on Rockingham Road.It is open on Thursdays at 6:00pm till 7:00pm for under 10's and 7:30pm till 9:00pm for over 10's.It's really fun.I try to go there every night and my Dad works there!They are trying to open a drama club on Saturdays,they need more visitors so please try to either help out or try to visit.

This page was added by Madeline Boreham on 31/03/2008.
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It's me the maker of the page. I hope you can try to visit Keystone or if you've been there do you think it's fun?

By Madeline Boreham
On 31/03/2008

I have visited keystone before because I was looking for a key and I went for a party. IT WAS GREAT

By by Emily Peace
On 02/04/2008

It is good what you said about the youth club. Write more, ok, it is really good.

By rhiannon hook
On 06/05/2008

Prior to the Keystone Club being at the Rockingham Road venue, it was in the late 60's the Italian Club. Many Italians were in Kettering then and this was their main venue. I may be mistaken but I recall going to the Keystone Club in the early 60's when it was at the Vine public house in Rockingham Rd.,roughly where Sainsbury is today. It was a straw thatched building with nooks and crannies in every room. Can anyone throw more light on this building?

By Raw Hide
On 29/06/2015

Rawhide: The Italian club was late 50s not 60s.
It was The Hare + Hounds, not The Vine; The Vine was still in use when the Boys Club was in the Hare + Hounds. Also the roof was slate not thatch.

by John Davies


By john davies
On 28/10/2015

Can anyone help?

The above comments seem to speak of different times to those I remember.  Keystone Boys Club is what I remember of the large house set back near to Duke St.   My main memory concerns the bonding of the club I was leader of at the time (Inverness QOCH Boys Club).  I visited a number of times and a strong bond was formed between boys of both clubs.    I imagine it has disappeared like so many excellent Boys Clubs did when we all went equal opportunities some years ago.

Reply please if you have any information

Maurice Thornton

By Maurice Thornton
On 23/07/2016

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