Park Road School: Olive Holmes

Barbara Preedy

This photograph shows my Mother at Park Road School c.1914, in the same room as one of the photographs already posted.

My Mother Olive Holmes was born in 1909 and came from Nelson Street in Kettering.  She is seated in the centre, looking at the camera, dressed in black.  

In the 1922 photo Olive is seated left, wearing white, with a large bow on her head.

I thought I would never see this again and most grateful to the owner.

Thank you

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This page was added by Barbara Preedy on 29/04/2013.
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Hello Barbara

I do not visit this sight very often and have only just seen your posting and 1914 image.  When I posted the two images earlier, I omitted to indicate that they contained my father, Philip Wood, who is second from the right in the circa 1914 photograph and second row from back and fifth from left in the 1922 image.

He too lived in Nelson Street, at number 37, so they must have known each other well enough.

I do believe that the two 1914 pictures were taken on the same day, because the girl at the front, with the white smock and dark sleeves seems to be on both and in the same location, I think I can recognise a few more, but they have moved from their original places.

I’ve taken the liberty of attempting to restore your photograph; I hope that you don’t mind.  If you would like to see it, please let me have your email address and I’ll send it to you.


Andrew Wood

By Andrew Wood
On 06/03/2014


Forgot to mention, my email address:

By Andrew Wood
On 06/03/2014

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