Kettering "Then & Now"

By Nick Stevens

Greetings all

Im attempting a photography project.

I would like to see some really old photographs of Kettering, stand in exactly the same place as the original photographer and then produce a side by side comparison of how Kettering was, and is now.

If anybody can help me with providing images of Old Kettering, I would appreciate it.

Kind regards

This page was added by Nick Stevens on 18/07/2013.
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Hi, I am trying to find out the location of an old photograph that a friend has recently purchased.  I have tried to find websites with old pictures of Kettering, but haven't found this scene, I have it on my pc, would it be possible to email it to you to look at. I understand if that is not possible and thank you for your time in reading this.


Christine Gibson

By Christine Gibson
On 16/06/2014

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