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For a first hand account of The Big Fire, which occurred at the Wallis and Linnell factory in early summer 1947 please click on the 'Search for links to this page' button above.

By Clare Wood
On 11/11/2008

The attached photograph is of an annual party of Wallis & Linnell's held at Wicksteed Park around 1956.
Back row. Mrs Bull & Tom Bull, Geoff Linnell and Mrs Pat Linnell., A friend of Mr Linnells., Mrs Sonia Eassom.
Front row. Linnell's under gardener., Mrs Joy Mason & Mr Norman Mason., Head Gardener to Linnell's

(Note from the Editor: We are currently working to get the photograph to which this comment refers uploaded onto the Project Kettering site.)

By Ted Eassom
On 19/11/2008

My father Nornan Medlock, worked at Wallis and Linnell until the mid 70's. He would have been at the party with my mother. I knew Norman Mason and Geoff Linnell from being a small boy. I also started working there in 1963, and stayed for 2 years.

By Barry Medlock
On 29/04/2013

Many familiar names. I worked there after school in '61 to 65. The girl I was to marry worked in the office (those green smocks). Great days. I even used to model some of the clothes we made. I found this site as I was looking for info about the Christmas parties at Wicksteed Park where I once wore my Aunty Doris's wedding dress. My contribution to the swinging 60's !



By Lloyd Marlow
On 09/12/2015

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