Silver Street

The top picture, taken in 2008, shows Silver Street looking from Dalkeith Place.

The lower picture, apparently taken sometime in the 1920's, shows the crossroads at the corner of Gold Street (to the right), and Silver Street (straight on/left).

The building on the corner, Hitchman's, is now the Coliseum nightclub.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Silver Street' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Silver Street' page
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In the late 50s and 60s the place where the Army Information is or was recently (not sure if is still there now), used to be the Hollywood Cafe. This was the evening venue for teddy boys and bikers. The main attraction was the wall mounted juke box which cost 6d per record to be played of 1 shilling for 3 records.Considering rock and pop songs were very rarely heard on the radio, this was a big draw for the young teenagers of that time. Although Kettering had only a handfull of record shops then, few would let you hear the record on the premises before buying. Alf Bailey's shop across the road in Silver St. would occasionally let you hear a record but he had to satisfy himself that one was serious about buying it afterwards. Palmers Music store in Montagu St. near Burtons Wallpapers was far more obliging. They had 3 of 4 booths on the wall for you to listen to your choice record and I recall the young counter girl named Cynthia was keen to hear the songs herself, so you weren't pressured into buying.

Three or four shops from the Hollywood Cafe was the London Grill cafe. This catered for old people (25 years plus) so held no attraction for teenagers. Anyway I don't recall them having a juke box, so not so popular. A bottle of Coke was 6d. and a hot dog with onions 1/3d.

By Raw Hide
On 03/07/2015

Correction. Palmers Music store was not where I indicated. The store in question was infact Battery Services in Montagu Street.

By Raw Hide
On 16/07/2015

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