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Photo:Clicking machine

Clicking machine

This page was added by Chris Leuchars on 28/02/2008.
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Sorry, not a clicking machine. This a bottom stock press for cutting soles and heels. These were very powerful presses that had to cut through perhaps up to half an inch thick sole leather. The workman's right hand is placed on a heavy steel cutting knife. The knife was flat edged on the top and sharp on the bottom. This took 2 hands to manoeuvre and hold the knife steady as sole leather wasn't always flat. The raised plank by his feet operated the downward press motion by quickly treading on it. This top plate behind his head came down in a swift and loud movement onto the knife and cut the sole. Many bottom stock pressman had a finger or two missing due to the procedure. The most noticeable feature of a shoe factory from the street was the heavy and constant thump from these presses, as many who lived next to or near a factory would testify.

By Raw Hide
On 03/07/2015

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