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Photo:Last making

Last making

This page was added by Chris Leuchars on 28/02/2008.
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I believe this a last turning room. The twisty bits on the right are wooden blanks ready for turning into lasts of specific shape and shoe size as per order. The turning machine or lathe on the left shows a near finished last. The wood chips on the floor are from the shaping of the last from the blanks. A leather upper and sole are stitched and glued around a last to give the shoe its size and shape. When the shoe is completed, the last is slipped or removed from the shoe to be used again. Plastic moulded lasts superceded wooden ones in I think the early 70's, putting many wooden last specialist out of work or at least their profession. This had a knock on effect for wooden last businesses.

By Raw Hide
On 03/07/2015

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