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Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Images of work' page
This page was added by Chris Leuchars on 28/02/2008.
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This is obviously a clicking room but the worker on  our right in the foreground of the photo is doing an operation that seems out of place in a normal clicking room. Perhaps sealing adhesive coated vamps to uppers, as a lead is hanging down which looks like an electric lead for a hot iron. The worker to his right and those behind are clearly clickers. It could be a worker has taken on duties from another room which often happened if other rooms were overloaded with work and needed help. Sometimes if a leather delivery had not arrived clickers would take on other room's work to keep them busy. Things didn't always go to plan in shoe factories. Judging by the clothes I would put the photo in the region of late forties or fifties.

By Raw Hide
On 10/07/2015

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