These maps show the growth of the town through the ages.

Photo:Kettering in 1587

Kettering in 1587

Photo:Kettering in 1727

Kettering in 1727

Photo:Kettering in 1826

Kettering in 1826

Photo:Kettering in 1901

Kettering in 1901

Photo:Kettering in 1938

Kettering in 1938

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Are you sure this is in 1938? I can see the Orlit 'pre-fab' houses in Almond Road, Aster Road, Lupin Close and Primrose Close, which were not completed until c1948.

By David Shatford
On 29/04/2013

David Shatford. I am in total agreement with you over the date. My family moved into Primrose Close in 1948 and it was brand new. It  was built on an orchard (hence Orchard Crescent next to it). I recall your family had one mature apple tree in the back garden and ours had two. Well spotted.

By Raw Hide
On 29/06/2015

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