In history we are studying the Second World War, in particular, evacuees. Evacuees were children sent from the big cities like London to place in the country like Kettering. We wondered if Kettering had, had any evacuees so we investigated. We asked parents, at the library, browse the internet and we found lot of evidence for evacuees in Northamptonshire.
However one piece of evidence came as great surprise to us and we found it in an unusual place, our Parish church St Edwards. We found three stained glass windows which have a badge in the middle. These badges were from schools in London;

St AloysiusCoventSchool
Bartrams Covent School
And St Dominic's InfantsSchool .

These windows were given to St Edwards by the staff of these schools to say thank you for sheltering the evacuees during the Second World War.

By pupils of St Thomas More Year 3 Santina, Jordan, Ciaran and Bethany

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