My Evacuation

Eric Scott

I remember getting on a train at St Pancras station, London, and during the journey we were given a cardboard carton of warm milk.  I have never been able to drink 'raw' milk since.

We arrived at Henry Gotch School in Windmill Avenue, Kettering, from where I was taken by car to Hillcrest Avenue.  A lady answered the door and said "He'll do", so I moved in.

Hilda and Charlie Pettit turned out to be wonderful people who really looked after me and unlike the people my brother was sent to live with in Arthington in Yorkshire, Hilda and Charlie never asked my mother for clothes or anything else.  I kept up with them and they even met my wife Jenny many years later.  We were very upset when they died.

I remember playing in Wicksteed Park and Uncle Charlie used to take me to Kettering Town football matches on a Saturday.  He was leather sorter in one of the town's shoe factories and used to regularly mend my shoes.

I went to Henry Gotch School, but I cannot remember anything about that nor any of the other boys and girls.

I cannot remember when I was evacuated, nor when I returned to Norbury in South London and I do not know to to find this information.

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I was first evacuated from London to Egham in Surrey, but within a year, when bombing became severe, I came to Rothwell - not exactly Kettering but continued living there until I started work in Kettering.

I worked at Central Garage (gone). B C Jewers Garage (gone). Chas T Lilley (gone) then Staples Press and then finally Evening Telegraph. I have many memories and would like to contribute. This would/could not be on a chronological basis but piecemeal as the memories surface. Interested?

By K L Collins
On 08/10/2013

We'd love to hear more about your time as an evacuee in Rothwell and your places of work in Kettering. Please do feel free to share more in the relevant sections of this website. You can 'Add A Page' or pages rather than comments if you prefer which also allow an image to be uploaded. Many Thanks

By Kettering Museum and Art Gallery
On 08/10/2013

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